Take care where buying you're pinball machine.  In the beginning I was buying machines everywhere without seeing it in real; when arrived... broken ramps, burnt connectors on the electronic boards, switch problems etc....).   Prices can be little bit cheaper but compared with the work you still have it`s much better to buy a machine nearby you're home so you can at least play once the game before going to purchase it .  Every pinball plays differently, that` s why i always go to find a better playing or more beautiful machine.  I have only 8 pinball machines at home but these are my favourite ones.

Medieval Madness,  Cactus Canyon, Scared Stiff,  Monster Bash, Theatre Of Magic, Addams Family, Guns & Roses, Tales From The Crypt.

These are all in an original & very nice condition.  Original unrestored playfield  and unrestored cabinet.  Mint or HUO (Home Use Only) nobody can say for a pinball which having an age of 20-25years old.

Once I lost 800euro when I bought a pinball machine from South Italy, once the pinball arrived I noticed a big playfield wear. The machine was even not working... electronical problems, etc...   It was pure cheating; the seller didn`t take any picture of the wear and didn`t tell me anything about these problems before.  He described the TSPP as: Very beautifull.  Bellissimo.  So dont buy any pinball on a pallet without first checking it personally !

The guy is still active on website pinballowners (they don`t protect buyers even allow scammers) , you can find the user under the name: P3dr0 (Taranto, Italy) Pietro De Maglie.

So be very carefull and Enjoy the hobby !!!!!

Pinball is like a drug, once started you will never get rid off it !

Till now i restored completely an `Addams Family` and a `Monster Bash` (both machines are sold already):