Take care where buying you're pinball machine.  In the beginning I was buying machines everywhere without seeing it in real; when arrived... broken ramps, burnt connectors on the electronic boards, switch problems etc....).   Prices can be little bit cheaper but compared with the work you still have it`s much better to buy a machine nearby you're home so you can at least play once the game before going to purchase it .  Every pinball plays differently, that` s why i always go to find a better playing or more beautiful machine.  I have only 8 pinball machines at home but these are my favorite ones (after having 50 different titles of Bally Williams).

Medieval Madness,  Cactus Canyon, Scared Stiff,  Monster Bash, Theatre Of Magic, Addams Family, Guns & Roses, Tales From The Crypt.

These are all in an original & very nice condition.  Original unrestored playfield  and unrestored cabinet.  Mint or HUO (Home Use Only) nobody can say for a pinball which having an age of 20-25years old.

Once I lost 800euro when I bought a pinball machine from South Italy, once the pinball arrived I noticed a big playfield wear. The machine was even not working... electronical problems, etc...   It was pure cheating; the seller didn`t take any picture of the wear and didn`t tell me anything about these problems before.  He described the TSPP as: Very beautifull.  Bellissimo.  So dont buy any pinball on a pallet without first checking it personally !

The guy is still active on website pinballowners (they don`t protect buyers even allow scammers) , you can find the user under the name: P3dr0 (Taranto, Italy) Pietro De Maglie.

So be very carefull and Enjoy the hobby !!!!!

Pinball is like a drug, once started you will never get rid off it !

Till now i restored completely an `Addams Family` and a `Monster Bash` (both machines are sold already):